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Why are people holding signs outside my library?

On July 1, 2024 a new law takes effect in Idaho. HB710, known as the Library Bounty Bill, allows ​anyone to sue our Idaho school and public libraries to have books removed from shelves. This ​censorship law opens the door to an unending stream of lawsuits that will waste taxpayer funds, ​potentially bankrupt libraries, and restrict access to books and resources. The Donnelly, Idaho ​library has already decided to close its doors to children because of this law - other libraries may ​follow suit. The full impact of the law remains to be seen.

What Can I do About It?

Vote for candidates that support our local libraries and value the freedom of speech. Raise ​awareness by talking with family and friends and sharing our posts on social media. Write letters ​to your elected representatives and attend library board meetings - let our elected officials know ​that you love your library and oppose book bans.

Click HERE to read a news article about it, HERE to read the ​full text of the law, and HERE for the ACLU’s fact sheet.


Here in Idaho:

  • Attempts were made to censor more than 136 unique book titles

in 2023 according to the Idaho Library Association.

  • 26% of books challenged had NO sexual content of any kind.
  • 49% of the challenged books were written by or about individuals

who are black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC).

  • 41% of challenged books contained LGBTQIA+ content.
  • A newly passed library bounty bill (HB710) goes into effect on July 1. The law invites anyone

to sue Idaho’s public and school libraries in order to get books removed from shelves.

Our tax dollars will be wasted on lawsuits and it could bankrupt or shut down some libraries.


  • Book challenges increased 65% in 2023 compared to 2022, reaching the highest level ever ​documented by the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom.
  • In 2023 the ALA identified 4,240 unique book titles that were challenged in the US.
  • 47% of books targeted contained BIPOC or LGBTQIA+ content.
  • In recent years organized groups have begun demanding the censorship of multiple titles, often ​dozens or hundreds at a time.


About the Alliance

The Library Alliance of North Idaho is a grassroots movement.

We support local libraries, raise community awareness about library issues, educate, and fight against censorship.

We are an all volunteer group of librarians, teachers, parents, leaders, and book lovers who care about our community.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and hold a wide range of political and religious ideologies - but we all share the belief that the freedom of speech is essential to the survival of democracy. We believe that libraries should be safe and welcoming places for everyone.

The Library Alliance of North Idaho was previously known as the Community Library Network Alliance, but we’ve changed our name and expanded our mission to include all of our North Idaho libraries.

You can donate to the Library Alliance on Venmo: @LANIREADS

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Click on your library’s logo to visit their official website.

Learn how to get a library card and discover all the cool resources our libraries offer!

The Community Library Network includes the libraries at Post Falls, Hayden, Rathdrum, Athol, Spirit Lake, Pinehurst, Harrison, and a bookmobile that serves most of Kootenai and Shoshone counties. Trustees were elected for six year terms in a county election.

The Coeur d’Alene Public Library is a city library.

Trustees are appointed by the mayor and the city council to serve five year terms.

The Cooperative Information Network is a consortium of libraries located in Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington. Visit their page, click “about” then “find a library” to get info on a library near you.

The East Bonner County Library District has branch locations in Sandpoint, Clark Fork, and a bookmobile serving parts of Bonner county.

News & Links

(UPDATE: HB710 was signed into law and goes into effect July 1)

  • CLICK HERE for Community Library Network (8 county libraries) Board of ​Trustee Meeting Information - Videos, Minutes, Agendas, & Schedule
  • CLICK HERE for Coeur d’Alene Public Library (city library) Board of ​Trustee Meeting Information

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